Lean Event
25th november 2016, Barcelona

What is lean

What is Lean, you ask? Lean is a better approach to work that can dramatically improve performance, make happier patients and professionals, and transform. The main idea behind the lean approach is that there is always a better way of doing things, and that people with whom we work should be the protagonists of change. Are you ready for the challenge?

What is a lean summit

A day where you can listen to gurus around the world, and also learn all kinds of examples in which the lean management has made a significant difference in health care, from services and departments to hospitals and health systems. This edition is organized by the Lean Institute, along with the speakers, partners and sponsors.

Why attend?

To learn from real examples, from the hand of its protagonists, and get inspired to perform their transformation. Our goal is to provide exceptional content and networking opportunities to help maximize the value of all attendees, speakers and collaborators alike with the best health conference read that now can be designed.

Early birds

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Sessions will be in English or spanish. Some of them will have translators. You can check the language of every session in the agenda.



9.00 Introduction

Brief explanation about how the summit will be.

9.15 Lean Transformation Framework

Brief description, but at the highest level, about the best model for a lean transformation.

9.45 365 Keynote

365 people live will simulate a shop, and show us which are the keys in a variable environment of rapid response.

10.30 Lean in the digital era

One of the most famous internet company will share how they are using lean, in the teams management, and in quick and successful projects.

17.00 Neo@Ogivly

Javier Oliete, digital marketing expert, will explain how the lean can change the thinking in this environment

Hospital Clínic

Leadership to make the leap in Hospital Clínic Emergency department. Dr Sánchez.


Lean in the hearth of an start-up IT. Benoît.

Hartmann GROUP

High Performance Organizations. Jonathan Escobar.


Lean as a culture in automotive sector. Joan Suñer & Francesc Bosch


Lean in services


A bus will leave you in a 365 shop, where the own leaders will explain the practical application of lean in retail.

365 cafè

Is a bread, pastry and coffee shop.

Lean retail

How to apply lean in an industry where the response is immediate, demand unpredictable and allegedly absent standardization.


The visit will take place in groups of 10 people in two parts. A first which management will explain their standards in the store, and the second is where the store is visited.


hese challenges are those who more or less exaggerated all we face.


In this session Wiebe will explain and carry out a case study of application and development of the methodology of Hoshin Kanri (also known as Strategy Deployment)


After a brief explanation of the essential elements of the system, in this workshop you actively play with the objectives and goals of a virtual organization. Using the figures from past years and a given true north, you must build the HOSHIN PANEL for this organization and pave the way for further improvements in the organization.


The participants in this session will receive a certificate of attendance to this workshop in Hoshin by a world expert, Wiebe Nijdam.

Limited Seats

This session is repeated twice, to be able to work in small group. Seats are limited.

Masterclass. Lean in sales.

Workshop about focalizing to increase sales.

Masterclass. A3. Problem solving

Realization of a fun simulation to implement the use of the A3.


The participants will receive a certificate of attendance to the workshop.


To be able to work in small group.


A quick statistics about the Barcelona Lean Summit

  • 4 Sessions in paralel
  • 12 Speakers
  • 3 languages
  • 200 networking participants

About the summit...

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