LEAN Healthcare summit


What is a Lean day?

Come and live a day to learn and enjoy. You will find 9 speakers (2 international). 2 practical workshops 1 visit to a hospital. Networking


You're going to...

• Learn many different experiences. • Know how to develop specific improvements in your service. • Know how to approach a global transformation. • Learn to use two key tools (VSM and A3).


Wjhy to attend?

• Because Lean healthcare is a today reality. • Because it allows us to improve our safety, quality, response and efficiency. • Meet people like you ;-)


Do it again!

In the previous 2016 edition, a large number of professionals from the health sector participated. We had more than 250 attendees. 80 organizations. 3 rooms in parallel ... and great enthusiasm!


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We organize this summit, in order to improve the way we work in our hospitals.

· You'll have € 50 discount. · You'll have a free seat, if it is one of the 15 selected. (1) Maximum two people per A3. Subject to acceptance by ILM. (2) The A3 will not be part of the delivered documentation, and will be returned.
Happy with the high participation of a large number of professionals in the health sector. More than 250 attendees. 80 organizations. 3 rooms in parallel ... and great enthusiasm! Do we repeat? # LeanBCN16



What is lean

What is Lean, you ask? Lean is a better approach to work that can dramatically improve performance, make happier patients and professionals, and transform. The main idea behind the lean approach is that there is always a better way of doing things, and that people with whom we work should be the protagonists of change. Are you ready for the challenge?

What is a lean summit

A day where you can listen to gurus around the world, and also learn all kinds of examples in which the lean management has made a significant difference in health care, from services and departments to hospitals and health systems. This edition is organized by the Lean Institute, along with the speakers, partners and sponsors.

Why attend?

To learn from real examples, from the hand of its protagonists, and get inspired to perform their transformation. Our goal is to provide exceptional content and networking opportunities to help maximize the value of all attendees, speakers and collaborators alike with the best health conference read that now can be designed.

Early birds

Get a 80€ discount registering before oct 28th

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Sessions will be in English or spanish. Some of them will have translators. You can check the language of every session in the agenda.

A quick statistics about the Barcelona Lean Summit

  • 4 Sessions in paralel
  • 12 Speakers
  • 3 languages
  • 200 networking participants

About the summit...

Lugar - Venue

Carrer Major de Can Caralleu 1-7, 08017 Barcelona
Teléfono Instituto Lean
+34 937156414
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